Thursday, January 28, 2010


The good people at LA Stage Alliance asked me to write a little somethin' somethin' for CHECK IT OUT!

My first real blog type entry I suppose... : )



Hey all!

For all of my Los Angeles peeps...SWEENEY TODD is being done by Musical Theatre West out there...I'm definitely gonna fly in for it...any of you going?

Director Calvin Remsberg gives you some of the scoop on how the actual show SWEENEY TODD came to be...interesting.

Can't wait to see it...let me know what night you're going and
maybe I'll see you there!

Hope your day is a fabulous one...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things Have Changed

Hey all... I haven't "blogged" in about two years...and to be quite honest, life has DRASTICALLY changed since I used to post my little pieces of randomosity on this here needless to say, the structure and format is going to change A is now going to be, ahem, professional. But still fun...well, maybe...we'll see.

I will be musing about the business...talking about shows I'm working I go to...other work related stuff...and if you'd like, answering any questions you might have about this crazy biz...I have friends who have been asking me to start a blog, where performers and other industry peeps can ask questions and/or read about what goes on exactly on my side of the table...and I'm not saying I have ALL the answers...but I do have some...and if it helps in any way, well, then...gorgeous.

So this will now be a Broadway producer type blog...blah blah blah....only in "Heather-speak"...real, honest, and with some occasional bad words.

Ok, here we go...

hope your day is a fabulous one...


ps. and I know I don't need to say it...BUT...this site is only for good crappy rude people are allowed...thanks!